the follow through

In a writer’s life, speaking from my personal experience (with only two credible projects that succeeded-over 22 years) there comes a time do the math of one’s commitment.

THE BRIDGE 2-hour pilot took four years…

the next nine episodes took a year and a half.

This equalled 5.5 years of dedication to score a major network drama in Canada for 13 episodes. The show was sold to 42 countries around the world and yet even though we were greenlit to continue, we were stopped before we began work on Season Two.

The Russell Peters Biography took ten months with co-authoring with Clayton Peters and Russ himself…and that became a bestseller in 11 months (4 weeks after publication)

But both of those projects were other people’s lives.

So GREECE YEAR ZERO then became my own passion project of not worrying anymore about how much time and research and monetary/career elements might be factors. This is the one project that I made peace with myself over. There would be no guarantee and there would only be my own deadline….mine.

My mission through this film is to cover the darkest hours of Greece in the last 100 years and offer up one simple truth; the Greeks are survivors.

The film is  now 31 minutes long in an assembly cut but the whole is still 46 minutes still to be completed. 77 minutes is the target to capsule a century in a film essay. A 400-page script is easy and would be warranted….the trick is collapsing a century into under 90 minutes for an audience that has no clue how vital Greece actually was to the sanctity of Europe and the world 70 years ago…


over and out




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